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For the purposes of this study, we are talking about the areas around Lincoln Avenue, from the railroad tracks down to Chester Pike.

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What is your favorite part about Downtown Prospect Park today? *

In the future, I would like to see a Downtown Prospect Park that is... *

Please select the word that best completes this sentence for you.

For this next section, please rate how much you would like to see each of the following ideas in Downtown Prospect Park.

Outdoor dining *

Gathering and seating space *

Street trees *

Landscaped areas *

Improved bus stops *

Bicycle lanes and bicycle parking *

Wayfinding signage *

Special events such as street festivals or farmers' markets *

For this section, please select the image that best fits what you would like to see in Downtown Prospect Park.

Building design *

Building height *

Parking Screening *

Infill Development *

Which one improvement would you emphasize for Downtown Prospect Park? *

Anything else we missed?

There's a lot to talk about. What else is on your mind for Downtown Prospect Park?
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